Choose your city, make your destination

United Kingdom is a very busy country. You will see a lot of buses, coaches and trains, leaving from everywhere going to everywhere. Oh, and cars. A lot of cars heading up and down the motorways. It’s a dynamic country and this is what makes life good.  Next step after you land is to choose your city, where you want to live, where would you feel like home. Maybe one with some of your old friends in it?

Choosing the place to live is quite hard but you should consider it’s opportunities, jobs, average pay in the area and obviously rent. You might be tempted to go for the capital, London, but the rent? Ugh, is sky high. Maybe you should just stick with visiting it. Every part and county of UK has it’s special industry making the wheels of fortune turn. Depending on what you are good at you might make your choice like that.

My personal option was, Worcester (Yes, like the sauce), West Midlands. I simply love these parts of the UK. As it’s name is suggesting it is in the middle. West. Somewhere around there. But anyplace you end up just remember that the people are warmhearted even if the weather is cold. You’ll be asked if you’re all right even if you live in Cumbria or Wiltshire or York, or Sussex.

Take a note: you should have a drivers license as all cities are huge. And if you can’t learn the public transport, a way of getting from point A to point B is by car. But don’t worry. Cars are cheap. Insurance is not.

Before you decide where to live, research a bit about all areas in United Kingdom. See which airports you could use in the future for traveling, connections to motorways, average rent and so on.