First steps, stone cold air

My firs steps in United Kingdom were about two years ago. In november, rainy day, wind and just general cold everywhere just outside of London. My english was good but I forgot that here they do not speak as in movies but they have just different accent and other ways of naming things. More academic or in other words more posh.

When you first realize where you are, what type of people surround you, you can just calm down. As the great quote says: “Keep calm and have some tea” just move along. English people no matter how racist or homophobic can be with outsiders they will greet you with a big smile on their face. They make you feel welcomed and they respect you, unless you give them reasons not to.

As for the weather is not that bad. Honestly. You might think that it rains every minute of the year and fog/mist surrounds you bit by bit and eats you alive but it’s not true. You can go days without the fog and hours without rain. Not that bad, really! But windy mostly all the time so be sure most of your clothes are windproof. But you can take it as a positive point: always fresh air under your nose.

Moving on with miles in the UK you will realize that everywhere is almost exactly the same. Cities look alike, hills always green, tractors, everything. There are unique places though. And the bricks? Beautiful. Another useful tip is “don’t forget your map”! If you find yourself on the corner of a street and you think that if you just take first street you encounter to the right you’ll end up in the same corner… you were never more wrong in your entire life. It’s not US. So it’s quite easy to get yourself lost if you do not take measures to keep a track of where you are. MAP! Memorize it.

Step by step, you’ll see the beauty of Britain. You just have to be patient. And sit in a queue.

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