Living in UK, Experience of an expat

Nothing great ever comes out of leaving ones home but I chose to do it anyway. After some great events I decided to live in another country and I chose to live in United Kingdom and I become an expat for the second time in my life.

It all started a few years back and the first steps on british land were surprising and it felt almost like home. There is a feeling of freedom on every corner and people minding their own business. As time moved on, I’ve learned to live in a different culture, different opinions and I become surrounded by a numerous of ethnic groups all over. It’s cool and life-changing. For me, at least.

Here I wish to publish all my experiences, what I’ve learned along the way and what useful information I can share with those who choose to live and work in this great country.

Everything is still under construction, it takes time to perfect each piece and corner of the website so be patient and bare with me, I also have a full time job.